Fun Spring Outdoor Activities for Kids to Enjoy

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Spring has officially sprung, and with it comes the promise of longer days soaked in sunshine—just what we need for those epic outdoor adventures. It’s a great time to get kids outside, exploring and enjoying all the spring outdoor activities for kids.

So, whether you’re sprinkling a little magic into your backyard by creating fairy gardens or sparking some adventure with an exciting scavenger hunt at the local park, there’s no shortage of ways to get kids excited about spending time outdoors this spring.

There are many spring outdoor activities for kids that foster creativity and curiosity about the world and provide opportunities for physical activity.

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Springtime Outdoor Activities for Kids

Making a Fairy Garden

Kids love fairy gardens. Springtime rolls around and this activity quickly becomes their go-to for outdoor fun. And it’s no wonder why – they get to use their imaginations to create a magical world filled with tiny plants, adorable accessories, and maybe even a fairy or two.

To make a fairy garden, you’ll need a container (like a flowerpot or an old wheelbarrow), some soil, small plants, and decorations like pebbles, shells, or miniature furniture. Help your child arrange the plants and accessories to create a whimsical scene. They’ll have a blast playing in their enchanted garden all spring long.

Starting a Nature Journal

Kickstart your kiddo’s curiosity and artistic side by diving into a nature journal together. All you need is a notebook and some art supplies like colored pencils or watercolors. Take your journal on outdoor adventures and encourage your child to sketch or write about what they see.

They can draw pictures of flowers, trees, or animals, press leaves or petals between the pages, or jot down questions about what they observe. A nature journal is a good way to help your child slow down, pay attention to details, and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Hosting an Outdoor Tea Party

Honestly, is there anything better than soaking up the sun while enjoying a cup of tea and some tasty snacks? Kids love hosting outdoor tea parties in the spring. Set up a picnic blanket or a small table and chairs in the backyard or at a nearby park.

Brew some herbal tea or lemonade, and prepare some finger sandwiches, scones, or cookies. Encourage your child to decorate the table with fresh flowers, pretty napkins, or even homemade place cards. Hosting an outdoor tea party encourages kids to practice their manners and use their imaginations.

Educational and Fun Spring Activities

Discovering Local Plants on a Scavenger Hunt

Spring is the perfect time for a nature scavenger hunt. Make a list of items for your child to find, such as a red flower, a feather, or a pinecone. As they search for each item, encourage them to observe their surroundings and ask questions about what they see.

You can also use apps like iNaturalist to help identify plants and animals. 

“The best way to learn about the world is to go out and explore it. Every child should have a chance to discover the wonders of nature firsthand.”

– Richard Louv, author of “Last Child in the Woods”

DIY Seed Bombs

Seed bombs are a fun way to spread wildflowers and help support pollinators like bees and butterflies. To make your seed bombs, mix equal parts clay, compost, and native wildflower seeds. Roll the mixture into small balls and let them dry in the sun.

Then, head outside and toss the seed bombs into bare patches of soil. The seeds will eventually develop into vibrant flowers, enticing pollinators and adding a splash of color to the scenery. Making seed bombs teaches kids about plant life cycles and the importance of supporting local ecosystems.

Creative Spring Crafts and Projects for Children

Crafting with Natural Items from the Garden

Encourage your child to gather items like flowers, leaves, twigs, and rocks, then use them to make unique crafts and art projects.

For example, they can press flowers between sheets of wax paper to create beautiful suncatchers, or glue leaves and petals onto paper to make colorful collages. They can also get creative by painting rocks with cool designs or messages, and then sneakily hiding them around the neighborhood for unsuspecting finders. 

Earth Day Projects

Earth Day rolls around on April 22nd, offering the perfect chance to chat with kids about why it’s so important to cut down on waste and show our planet a little love. One fun way to do this is by creating recycling projects using materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

For example, kids can turn empty plastic bottles into bird feeders, planters, or wind chimes. Encouraging kids to create these projects is not only a fun activity but also an educational one. It instills valuable lessons about sustainability and resourcefulness. 

By teaching children to respect and care for the planet, we are contributing to a brighter and greener future.

Encouraging Physical Activity 

Organizing a Family Egg Hunt in the Backyard

Want to get the kids outside and active this spring? Try organizing a family egg hunt in the backyard. It’s a fun way to get everyone moving outside.

Hide plastic eggs filled with small treats or prizes around the yard. Give each child a basket and let them loose to find as many eggs as they can. For an extra challenge, try color-coding the eggs for each child or hiding them in trickier spots (like up in a tree or under a bush). 

After the hunt, race to see who can sort their eggs the fastest or play a game of egg toss. The possibilities for active play are endless.

So gather the family, grab some eggs, and get ready for a hopping good time in the backyard this spring. This is an awesome way to create memories that stick.

Rainy Day Spring Activities for Indoor Fun

Making Seed Paper on Rainy Days

Spring showers may keep you inside, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. On rainy days, crafting seed paper indoors teaches recycling and botany.

Tear up some scrap paper into small bits and soak in water overnight. In the morning, blend the paper and water into a pulp. Mix in some wildflower or herb seeds then spread the mixture onto a screen or old window frame. 

Let it dry completely, then cut into shapes or cards.

When the sun comes back out, head outside and plant the seed paper. Watch as the seeds sprout and grow into beautiful blooms – a colorful reminder of a rainy day well spent.

Seed paper is a perfect present for Mother’s Day or to show appreciation to a beloved teacher. Spread some springtime cheer, even on a drizzly day.

Nurturing Curiosity About Nature

Planning Visits to Local Parks and Nature Reserves

Want to spark your child’s curiosity about nature? Plan a visit to a local park or nature reserve this spring.

Getting outside and exploring the natural world is a chance to unplug and take a break from screen time limits.

Once you’re there, let your child take the lead. Follow their interests and questions. Collect leaves, sketch in a nature journal, or simply sit and observe the world around you.

Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it. Spending time in nature has countless benefits for kids (and adults too). It reduces stress, boosts creativity, and fosters a love of learning.

So get out there and explore the great outdoors – your local park is waiting.

Building Life Skills Through Outdoor Play

Gardening as a Family

Gardening is one of my all-time favorite springtime outdoor activities. I love everything about starting our garden every spring. One of our favorite things to do is start our plants from seeds in eggshells.

All you need to do is save those eggshells from your breakfast (try to break just the tip of the shell off and pour out the egg). 

Fill the shell with potting soil and one seed. Push the seed down into the soil, but not too deep. Water the seeds and keep the soil moist (but not soaked).

Put them in the egg carton (as a holder) in a sunny window and watch them sprout. When ready to plant, simply drop the entire egg into the soil. 

While gardening with kids might sound like a lot of work and a bit of a time commitment, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re new to gardening, start small with just a couple of plants. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables that are easy to grow with kids.

You also don’t need a huge amount of space. While a large plot is ideal, lots of plants can be grown in containers on your back porch or windowsill. Kids have a great time learning outside about how plants grow, and the importance of taking care of living things.

So grab some seeds, soil, and your little helpers – and get growing. You’ll be amazed at how much fun (and learning) can happen in the garden.

Key Takeaway: 

Gardening is a hands-on way for kids to learn life skills. Start simple with seeds in eggshells and watch your garden—and children—grow.

FAQs about Spring Outdoor Activities for Kids

What is the most popular spring activity?

Gardening tops the charts. It gets people outside, beautifying their space while soaking up some vitamin D.

Can you list some activities you do in the spring season?

Biking, hiking, and picnicking are big hits. They let everyone enjoy the fresh air and vibrant colors of spring.


So, as we bring our journey through spring outdoor activities for kids to a close, it’s become crystal clear that shaking off the winter blues by getting the little ones outside is not just good for them—it’s downright vital. So grab those rain boots on wet days or sunscreen when the sun shines bright; every moment outdoors is an opportunity for adventure and learning.

The truth is simple yet profound—springtime offers boundless possibilities for growth, discovery, and joy among youngsters eager to embrace what lies beyond their screens. Let’s cherish these moments under the open sky where real-life wonders unfold right before our eyes. is on a journey to change what after-school programs look like for children. strives to unleash student potential with after-school activities like fitness and wellness activities, STEAM activities, and much more. 

Starting your spring nature fun with some outdoor physical activities for you and your kids can keep everyone engaged while still having a blast. Join our mission by starting an after-school program near you. 

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