21 School Clubs to Join in High School For an Enriching Experience

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Imagine a place where your interests take flight, friendships grow stronger, and you develop new skills. That’s the magic of school clubs. Each club in high school is like its own little community, buzzing with energy and filled with endless possibilities.

Whether chess, drama, or robotics, these activities go beyond just keeping students busy; they play a huge role in shaping their futures. School clubs are not afterschool pastimes but are pivotal experiences that enhance college applications and develop societal contributors. 

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21 High School Clubs to Consider Joining

High school is a great time to join clubs. They help you discover your passions, make friends, and even look good on college applications. With so many choices though, figuring out where to begin can be tricky.

Check out this list of 21 high school clubs. No matter if you’re into sports, arts, or academics, there’s something on here for everyone.

Chess Club

Lovers of strategy games should check out the chess club, you get to engage in matches against peers or test your mettle in competitions.  Beyond just being fun, there’s evidence showing how regularly playing improves cognitive functions like solving problems better and boosting recall ability.

History Club

Attention all lovers of the past. History club welcomes anyone eager to dive into fascinating eras and key moments in time.  Some history clubs also plan visits to actual historical places which makes learning much more exciting. 

Film Club

Movie buffs will find their happy place in a film club. Many watch beloved classics or check out new hits while engaging in lively discussions about them. It’s not just fun—talking through these flicks could inspire you to create something amazing on screen someday. 

Language Club

Looking to pick up a new language or improve your skills in one you already speak? The language club is perfect for that. Meet fellow students passionate about languages and culture, share conversations, and maybe start planning your next trip overseas.

Drama Club

Aspiring actors should definitely check out the drama club. It’s perfect for improving your theatrical abilities—and who knows—you could end up as one of the stars in our next big show. Besides learning lines and hitting marks, it’s great for building confidence and making lasting friendships too.

Book Club

For those obsessed with books, a book club offers the ideal space to geek out over literature together. Discussing well-loved novels or discovering fresh ones can be super exciting when shared with like-minded people.

Photography Club

If you’re into snapping photos, joining the photography club is a no-brainer. You’ll pick up new tricks, share your shots with friends, and maybe even see your work in the yearbook. Plus, it’s an awesome way to get creative.

Volunteer Club

If you’re eager to give back locally, consider joining a volunteer club. You’ll engage in activities like organizing events and raising funds for important causes, making real differences along the way.  And hey, colleges love seeing applicants with volunteering on their resumes. 

Creative Writing Club

Aspiring authors should check out the creative writing club—it’s perfect for honing those storytelling skills. You’ll swap feedback with peers on each other’s writings, which is super useful for improvement. There’s also a chance you could publish something in our school literary magazine.

Art History Club

The art history club is ideal if you’re eager to learn more about how art has evolved. From studying famous painters to checking out new exhibitions at local museums, this group offers many ways to enrich your appreciation of visual arts.

Video Game Club

If you love gaming you should check out a video game club. It’s perfect for playing all your top picks with friends from school and maybe even entering some cool competitions. Video games are known to help sharpen both hand-eye coordination and problem-solving abilities. 

Improv Club

If making people laugh is your thing, then the improv club is where you need to be. You’ll get to jump into fun improv games and maybe even hit the stage for a performance. Plus, it’s an awesome way to boost your confidence and sharpen your quick-thinking skills.

Foreign Language Club

If you’re looking to practice your language skills beyond the classroom, joining a foreign language club is perfect for you. You can converse with fellow students learning the same language and maybe even organize cultural events or trips together. It’s an awesome way to dive into both a new language and its culture.

Music Club

The music club is perfect for anyone passionate about melodies and rhythms.  Play beloved tracks alongside peers or experiment with songwriting yourself. Being in this group introduces you to new buddies and boosts self-assurance. 

Magazine Club

Thinking about a career in journalism? The magazine club should be at the top of your list. Write compelling articles, capture stunning photos, and get involved with creating our school’s publication.

It’s perfect for building up that resume with real-world experience.

Yearbook Club

Want to make sure your high school years are remembered forever? Join the yearbook club. You’ll get hands-on experience taking photos, writing articles, and designing pages.

 It’s a great way to be part of your school community and create something lasting. 

Debate Club

Lovers of lively discussions will find the debate club exhilarating. Here you’ll explore numerous topics through detailed research before arguing your stance confidently—sometimes in competitions with other institutions. Besides being fun, it significantly boosts both speech delivery techniques as well as analytical abilities.

Fashion Club

If you’re passionate about style, joining the fashion club should be at the top of your list. Here you’ll get involved in conversations on hot trends and trade tips on putting outfits together—and if we’re feeling adventurous—stage our very own runway events. It’s an amazing space to unleash creativity while mingling with like-minded folks.

Science Olympiad Club

If you’re into science, joining the Science Science Olympiad club is a fantastic way to challenge yourself.  You can compete in events like chemistry lab, anatomy, and physics.  There’s even a chance to make it to national competitions. 

Plus, participating in the Science Olympiad looks impressive on college applications.

Benefits of Joining School Clubs 

So, you’ve learned about some cool clubs you can join in high school. But why should you? Getting involved in extracurricular activities comes with a ton of perks:

Expand Your Social Circle

Joining a club is awesome because you get to meet people who like the same things you do. Whether it’s chess or helping out with community projects, clubs are perfect for making new friends and expanding your social circle.

Boost Your College Applications

Let’s face it, college applications are a big deal. Admissions officers really pay attention to your extracurricular activities.

By joining clubs or groups, you show that you’re more than just good grades; you’ve got passions outside of school too. And if you step up and take on leadership roles in these clubs, that’s even better.

Develop New Skills and Interests

Being part of a club offers the perfect chance to explore interests and gain new abilities.  Whether it’s picking up photography, mastering another language, boosting public speaking confidence, or learning how to code—there’s something out there for everyone.  

And who knows? You might find yourself hooked on something completely unexpected. 

Contribute to Your School Community

Joining a club means more than just having fun; it’s about giving back to your school community. Whether you’re helping out at a local charity or organizing an awesome play for everyone, you’re making a positive impact. And honestly, that feels pretty amazing.

How to Start a School Club

Can’t find a club that matches your interests? Don’t stress. You can always start your own.

Here’s how to get going:

Identify Your Club’s Purpose

Kicking things off means understanding what drives your club. Are there passions that stand out to you? Do you have certain goals in mind?

Whether it’s creating an entrepreneur hub or spotlighting mental health issues, define what you’re aiming for right away.

Recruit Members

After you’ve nailed down the purpose of your club, it’s time to recruit members. Reach out to friends and classmates who may be interested.

Hang flyers at school and make posts on social media platforms. Hosting an info session can also help explain more about your club’s activities.

Secure a Faculty Advisor

Most schools ask clubs to have a faculty advisor who can guide and support your club. Think about which teachers or staff members might be a good fit, then reach out to them. They’ll help you get started with the process and make sure you’re following all the necessary rules.

Plan Regular Meetings

After gathering your members and getting the advisor’s support, start planning when you’ll meet regularly. Agree on a timetable that works for all of you. During these sessions, talk about club goals, set up events and activities—and don’t forget to spend some time bonding too.

Organize Club Activities and Events

If you want to keep your club members excited and engaged, try scheduling some cool activities and events during the year.  Consider hosting a charity drive or arranging an educational field trip. Collaborating with other clubs on campus can also be great for putting together big school-wide events.  

Creating a club can feel overwhelming at first, but believe me, it’s really rewarding. You’ll have the chance to follow your passion while developing important leadership abilities. And let’s not forget all the fun times and awesome people you’ll meet.

Dive into all the cool clubs your school has. If nothing catches your eye, go ahead and start one. You might just create something awesome.

Key Takeaway:

Joining high school clubs is a great way to explore interests, make friends, and make your college applications better. With options like Chess Club for strategy lovers or Volunteer Club for community-minded students, there’s something for everyone. If none fit your passions, you can even start your own club with the help of faculty advisors.

Unique School Club Ideas to Stand Out

During my high school years, I wanted to join a club that would set me apart from everyone else. One that could really boost my college applications and show off what made me special. Here are some suggestions based on what worked for me if you’re aiming to find similar opportunities.

Current Events Club

One club that I found particularly engaging was the Current Events Club. In this club, we would meet regularly to discuss the latest news and events happening around the world.

We often had guest speakers like local journalists and politicians join us. Their insights on current issues really helped us understand the complex topics we were discussing better.

Academic Subject-Specific Clubs

Got a favorite academic topic? Joining a dedicated club could really deepen your interest. Whether it’s through math teams, science olympiad competitions, or biology societies—these clubs let you dive into challenging puzzles and engaging research activities while competing academically too.

In these groups, members with similar passions come together to both support and challenge one another, helping everyone improve in their areas of interest.

Alliance Clubs

The presence of organizations like the Gay-Straight Alliance or Black Student Union is crucial in schools. They create supportive spaces where students can find comfort among friends, discuss their challenges openly, and stand up against social injustices they encounter daily.

Famous Works Analysis Club

For those who enjoy literature, art history, or music, being part of a Famous Works Analysis Club can offer both stimulation and enrichment. In this club setting members discuss well-known works in depth; they present their interpretations and sometimes embark on creative projects that highlight what they’ve learned.

Examining renowned pieces of work sharpens your mind by developing critical thinking and improving how you express yourself. It also nurtures creativity which is invaluable no matter what direction life takes you in the future.

Maximizing Your School Club Experience

Joining a school club is just the first step. To truly maximize your experience and make the most of the opportunities these clubs provide, consider the following tips.

Take on Leadership Roles

One of the best ways to make your mark in a school club is by stepping up as a leader. Positions like president, vice president, or treasurer not only help you gain important skills but also look great on college applications.

If you’re in a leadership role, expect to plan meetings regularly, distribute tasks effectively among peers, and make significant choices impacting the group’s progress. These activities aid in personal growth as well as impressing college admissions boards or prospective bosses with your commitment.

Collaborate with Other Clubs

Teaming up with other school clubs can lead to some fantastic experiences for everyone in your school community. For instance, members of both the photography and yearbook clubs might work together to capture event highlights throughout the year. Similarly, if you have a volunteer club working alongside an environmental one, they could set up a comprehensive recycling campaign across campus.

Collaborating with other clubs can broaden your network, expose you to new ideas, and help you achieve more than going solo ever could.

Participate in Competitions and Conferences

Many school clubs give students the chance to enter competitions or attend conferences on various levels. By participating, you can highlight what you’re good at, pick up new skills, and earn some well-deserved recognition.

Jumping into events like debate tournaments, science fairs, or leadership conferences can really open your mind and offer learning experiences you won’t find in a classroom.

Document Your Achievements

Being active in school clubs means taking part in various activities and responsibilities. Make sure to note down your accomplishments, the awards you’ve won, and the projects you’re proud of. This information can really boost your college applications as well as your resume later on.

Create a portfolio or website that displays the work you’ve done in high school, along with how much you’ve grown. It can serve as both a reflection tool for yourself and something impressive to share with college admissions officers or potential employers.

Getting involved in school clubs can really boost your experience and help you succeed later on, including in college. Make sure to follow these tips: chase after what you’re passionate about, embrace challenges head-on, and seize every chance that comes along.

Key Takeaway:

Join unique school clubs like Current Events, International Culture, or Academic Subject-Specific Clubs to stand out. Take leadership roles, collaborate with other clubs, participate in competitions, and document your achievements for college applications.

FAQs about School Clubs

Which is the best club to join in school?

The “best” club depends on your interests. For social interaction, try Debate Club or Drama Club.

Into STEM? Science Olympiad fits well.

What is a school club?

A school club groups students with shared interests for extracurricular activities like chess, film analysis, and community service projects.

How to make a school club better?

Tackle engaging topics, recruit enthusiastic members, collaborate with other clubs, and keep meetings lively and purposeful.

What is an academic club?

An academic club focuses on subjects like math or history. It enhances learning through competitions, discussions, and special events.


Joining school clubs isn’t just for college applications; it’s about creating stories, gaining experiences, and making friendships that last well beyond high school. Whether you’re in the Chess Club or Science Olympiad, each club lets you explore different interests.

When you’re planning strategies in Chess Club or programming at Video Game Club, every session boosts your abilities and benefits those around you. Extracurricular activities like these let you show what makes you special.

In high school, growth comes from more than hitting the books—it also means forming bonds with others. By getting involved in clubs, you have a chance to build your own path while being engaged in a bigger community.

I’ve seen countless students transform from shy freshmen into confident seniors leading their peers. That could be you! So what are you waiting for?

Find a club that resonates with who you are—and who you aspire to become—because this is where the magic happens!

Afterschool.org is on a mission to transform what afterschool programming looks like for students. With a multitude of after-schoolScience Olympiad clubs kids are exposed to enriched learning opportunities. Join the mission by starting a high-quality afterschool program near you. 

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