Dodgers Hand Out 5,000 Backpacks Given to Los Angeles Unified School District Students for a Stellar Back-to-School Start!

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The Los Angeles Dodgers, renowned for their excellence on the baseball field, have recently demonstrated their commitment to the community. In a heartwarming initiative, the Dodgers distributed an impressive 5,000 backpacks supporting the back-to-school season with the assistance of Jacoby & Meyers on August 12th at the Dodger Stadium.

On Thursday, August 10th, the organization handed out 500 backpacks to Kids 4 Dodgers Baseball participants and another 2,500 on Sunday, August 13th, after the Rockies vs. Dodgers game following a three-day backpack giveaway.

What is The Overall Goal of The Dodgers Backpack-Back-to-School Drive?

The overall goal of the Dodgers handing out backpacks to Los Angeles Unified Students on Saturday, August 12th, was multifaceted. The Dodgers, partnered with Jacoby & Meyers, aimed to support the educational pursuits of students in the Los Angeles community. This initiative was designed to equip these students with essential school supplies for the new academic year and to inspire them by showing the Dodgers’ commitment to their education. This gesture strengthened the bond between the team and the local community, emphasizing their role as athletes and proponents for education and civic responsibility.

These supplies will help many children and families in need of school equipment to help them be the best they can be for the upcoming school year. 

“We are thrilled to once again partner with Jacoby & Meyers to prepare students for school,” said Kristin McCowan, senior director government and community relations for the Los Angeles Dodgers. “This year, we’re so excited to expand our reach by doubling the number of backpacks we’re giving away and expanding the types of supplies we’re providing. We’re grateful to be able to play a part in ensuring that students in Los Angeles are holding their heads high because they have what they need to succeed.”

“At Jacoby & Meyers, we believe everyone deserves a just and fair chance in life, and the foundation of that is education,” said Michael Akiva, managing partner at Jacoby & Meyers. “We are so happy to partner with the Dodgers again this year to provide kids in our community with the back-to-school resources they need to reach their potential in the classroom.”

Suppose local families need extra help acquiring school supplies for the school year. In that case, they can check with their local organizations and libraries to see what extra supplies or giveaways they might have going on. 

Student Hires Programs

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The Dodgers’ generosity transcended the baseball diamond, exemplifying their dedication to making a positive impact. This heartwarming initiative serves as a reminder that even in sports, acts of kindness and community support are potent ways to create lasting change. These students will remember this generosity and kindness and pay it forward to someone else one day.

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Deandre Barrett

Deandre Barrett

Deandre Barrett is a computer programming major at Lehigh Carbon Community College. He currently juggles a life balance between doing course work and marketing apprenticeships with Acadium. After graduating from the Acadium 3rd cohort in 2020 and finishing creating gaming reviews for Blasting News in 2017. He is now creating content for Student Hires and looks to use his experience to take the company to the next level. Student Hires has been focused on collaborating with K-12 schools & universities, as well as community employers, to create valuable job opportunities for local college & university students.

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