Last Updated on June 21, 2023

Enroll Your Child Now in the Exciting, Educational, and Fun-Filled Experience They Deserve This Summer at Luv 2 Play Chino’s Unique Indoor Playground!

Chino, CA – Student Hires, a company that partners with educational institutions and organizations to deliver transformative experiences for youth, is excited to announce its collaboration with Luv 2 Play. This exciting partnership has created an innovative Summer Program to keep children engaged and learning throughout their summer break!

Two summer sessions last 20 days but can be combined for 40 days if necessary. Session one is between June 5th – June 30th; session two is between July 10th – August 4th. Family members are encouraged to secure limited spots for their child in the summer program by enrolling now.

The program offers a winning combination of STEAM activities (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics), fitness, exercise, sports and wellness activities, leadership and personal development, social skills, and collaboration. With something for everyone, children will be inspired, educated, and delighted by their experience with Student Hires and Luv 2 Play Chino’s diverse summer program.

Led by experienced instructors, this unique program balances educational enrichment with the fun of exploring Luv 2 Play’s interactive indoor playground. “We are thrilled to team up with Luv 2 Play to ignite a spark in the minds of young learners while ensuring they have an enjoyable and fulfilling summer break,” says Manuel Zavala, Founder of Student Hires. According to a parent from Student Hires 2022 Summer Program, “The Student Hires program has been a wonderful experience for my TK and 2nd grader. The kids enjoy the program so much that they tell me to pick them up at the end of the program and are upset if I pick them up early! This is awesome because I do not have to worry at all about leaving them. Thank you for this!”

Student Hires, and Luv 2 Play’s Summer Program focuses on enhancing children’s learning experiences and supporting their personal growth. Filling the summer with educational and fun activities empowers children with the confidence and skills they need to face the challenges of the upcoming school year. This innovative program stands out in the market by addressing a real need for families – keeping children’s minds active and engaged throughout the summer break.

To secure your child’s spot in this dynamic and rewarding Summer Program, click this link for more information and email today for information about multiple student enrollment.