Become a Founding Member of the Advisory Council

Are you passionate about shaping the future of education beyond the traditional classroom? is embarking on an ambitious journey to enhance the learning experience for all students nationwide, and we want you to be a part of it. Introducing our inaugural Advisory Council – a groundbreaking opportunity for visionary leaders, educators, and innovators to contribute their expertise and drive meaningful change.

Why Join our Inaugural Advisory Council

Join our Advisory Council to ignite a beacon of hope and opportunity for children everywhere, shaping a future where every after-school moment transforms into a journey of discovery, inspiration, and endless possibilities.

Impact Education

Play a pivotal role in shaping cutting-edge educational programs that inspire, engage, and educate young minds. Your contributions will directly influence the development of and our expansion of educational programming.

Leave a Legacy

As a founding member of the Advisory Council, your insights and innovations will lay the foundation for a new era of education. Your work will not only impact current generations but also set the stage for future advancements.

Expand Your Network

Collaborate with a diverse group of thought leaders and experts from various fields, all united by a common goal to redefine education. This is your chance to expand your professional network and develop and implement innovative initiatives.

Who Belongs on the Advisory Council

We are looking for individuals with a passion for education and serving youth! If you're an experienced professional with a passion and motivation to impact youth beyond traditional means, this is the council for you.

  • Innovators with fresh ideas on engaging students outside the traditional classroom setting.
  • Experienced educators and administrators passionate about expanding educational opportunities.
  • Leaders in in the community with a passion for serving and creating opportunities for youth.
  • Community leaders with established professional networks.
  • Industry leaders with insight into industries that can benefit from a student workforce.

Advisory Council

Member Responsibilities

Quarterly Council Meetings

As an integral component of your role on the Advisory Council, attending and actively participating in quarterly council meetings is paramount. These meetings are the cornerstone of our collaborative effort, designed to foster open communication, strategic planning, and the forward momentum of our initiatives. 

council Meetings may be more frequent based on demand

Spearhead Initiatives

As a valued member of the Advisory Council, one of your primary responsibilities is to spearhead initiatives that drive the mission of enhancing our educational initiatives forward. This role requires not just leadership and vision, but a proactive approach to identifying opportunities, developing strategies, and executing plans that will have a tangible impact on students’ experiences.

Initiatives are based on roles identified below

Create Opportunties for Youth

As a distinguished member of the Advisory Council, your dedication to creating opportunities for youth is crucial in realizing our vision for a future where every child has access to enriching educational experiences. This role is about more than just driving initiatives; it's about laying the groundwork for young learners to explore, grow, and achieve in an environment that supports their development beyond the classroom. 

youth & students are at the forefront of this council

 process guide

Advisory Council

Step by Step

Submit Your Application by April 12th, 2024

Embark on a journey with to make a real difference in the lives of all students. We are seeking passionate, innovative minds to join our inaugural Advisory Council. This is your chance to share your expertise, whether you're steeped in educational theory, rich in administrative experience, or have groundbreaking ideas in the realm of education. Submit your application today and be part of a transformative team shaping the future of learning. Your skills and knowledge could be the key to unlocking new opportunities for students nationwide.

Application Review

The application review process is more than just an evaluation—it's a collaborative journey. Our team at is dedicated to uncovering the unique strengths and potential of each candidate. We delve into your experiences and aspirations to envision how you could contribute to and thrive within our Advisory Council. This step is about mutual discovery, ensuring alignment between your passions and our mission to enhance learning for all students.


The launch of the Advisory Council marks a significant milestone for It signifies the commencement of an exciting new chapter where your expertise and insights come to life, influencing the direction and success of afterschool programs across the country. As a council member, you'll collaborate with a diverse group of thought leaders, educators, and innovators, all committed to transforming the educational landscape for the benefit of all students. Together, we'll develop strategies and mobilize the vision, while fostering a community of support and inspiration for afterschool programming. 

The advisory council launches on April 20th, 2024 at our Friends & Family BBQ.

Ready to Submit Your Application?

What Positions are Open on the Council

Chairperson of innovation & Vision

Responsibilities: Spearheads the advisory council, setting strategic directions with an emphasis on innovative practices and visionary goals for educational programming. Acts as the primary spokesperson and liaison with key stakeholders.

Qualifications: Proven leadership in educational innovation or a related field, strong communication skills, and the ability to inspire and unite diverse groups towards common goals.

Community impact strategist

Responsibilities: Designs and implements strategies for engaging and mobilizing communities to ensure educational programs are responsive to local needs and challenges.

Qualifications: Experience in community engagement, partnership building, and program development with measurable outcomes.

Technology and digital learning architect

Responsibilities: Oversees the integration of technology into learning environments, include existing programming along with digital learning platforms.

Qualifications: Expert in educational technology, with a flair for identifying and applying tech solutions to educational challenges.


Responsibilities: Oversees the development of creative and experiential learning activities that leverage the collaborative network. 

Qualifications: Background in program design with an emphasis on developing holistic education programs.

Outcomes and impact Analyst

Responsibilities: Measures and analyzes the impact of educational programs, using data to inform continuous improvement and demonstrate value to stakeholders.

Qualifications: Skilled in data analysis and program evaluation, with a commitment to evidence-based practices.

Sustainability and Growth engineer

Responsibilities: Develops strategies for the long-term sustainability and growth of, including funding models, partnerships, and scalable program designs.

Qualifications: Expertise in financial planning, business development, or non-profit management, with a successful track record in securing resources and expanding programs.

workforce development advisor

Responsibilities: Focuses on aligning educational programs with workforce development opportunities, ensuring students acquire skills relevant to future employment. Builds connections with industry and explores pathways for student advancement.

Qualifications: Experience in career development, vocational training, or related fields, with a keen understanding of evolving job market trends and employer needs.

Parent Partnership Director

Responsibilities: The Parent Partnership Director serves as the primary advocate and representative for parents and guardians within the advisory council, ensuring that their insights and needs are central to the development and implementation of our educational initiatives.

Qualifications: Current or past experience as a parent or guardian of a child who has been or is enrolled in afterschool programs, providing a deep understanding of the dynamics between families and educational systems.

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